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Minimize risk by utilizing our ID verification service

Our patented process offers a convenient, secure means of delivering your products to the intended recipient
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Our Story

Variify is a technology platform built to help businesses safely connect with consumers through an online portal that allows age restricted products for pick up in store or by delivery. We provide businesses across many industries with a SaaS platform and the tools to safely sell age restricted products and services with a quick, seamless, and secure online sales presence and delivery platform. With our patented ID verification process, businesses have a turn-key solution that is secure, easy to set up, and white-labeled so that they can maintain their brand look and feel.

Our Vision

We currently work with any company that requires ID verification for the purchase of its products. This can be for traditional brick and mortar, SaaS products, and any age restricted products and services. This includes alcohol, pharmaceuticals, cannabis, etc.


The Variify technology platform is completely customizable solution that can be white labeled to our client’s needs. The platform consists of three separate apps: the Consumer app, the Partner app, the Driver app.

Who are we
How it works

How it works



Each delivery person is provided with a mobile web application, which enables secure login to the partner's order system.  All that is needed is a smart phone and an Internet connection.



Once logged in, the app displays all orders assigned, with order and customer details.  All the information is displayed in one screen for quick and easy reference.



The driver takes a picture of the customer's license and within seconds, provided the information needed to make positive identification of the recipient of the order.

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Investor Relations
Use of funds

With government support a top priority for us, Variify is raising funds to support ongoing product development, marketing, sales, and expansion. It is our belief that any fast-pace startup in growth phase also requires cash reserves to sustain its expansion.

  • Technology Licensing Fee - paid by retailers on a sliding scale (no business risk to them!)

  • Delivery Fee - paid by customers as a flat fee based on the type of product ordered

  • Advertising - paid by merchants interested in reaching an exclusively 21+ audience

  • Big Data - paid by supply chain and key industry stakeholders

Four reasons to invest:
  1. Scalability / Market Opportunity. After proof of concept in this industry, we plan to expand to adjacent markets including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, banking, government, education, entertainment, and transportation.

  2. Legal right of way. We are one of the few platforms in this vertical trying to meet compliance and regulation needs rather than rolling out the platform and dealing with the consequences later.

  3. First movers. We've customized our business model to go after markets that are virtually untouched.

  4. Team. We have a very established team, including a CEO with five past startups, including a successful exit in the college market space.

If this sounds like the right investment opportunity for you, get in touch!

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We started as BeerDropper, an alcohol delivery company. By way of necessity, we built our own technology solution that allowed us to interface with our retail liquor store partners, give them an e-commerce website, and a driver application to Variifyate not just age but also identity and fulfill their orders. We pivoted from that capacity and we have expanded our offering to license our patent and technology to other e-commerce companies who have a need for customer identification. Along the way, we have developed a novel method for Variifyating the identity of a consumer and pursued two patents on our process, which were granted in 2014 and 2016.

Alcohol delivery management system
Identity verification and data management system

Commercial as seen on AMC, SyFy, and more

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